Hi, I’m Paolo aka Lovegt40 Modelworks!

Modelling and create the reality in scale is something I just love since my childhood. My greatest satisfaction is to watch my models coming to life under my hands during the building and finishing process. Every model is a new challenge for me and every build gives me achievements to improve my skills. I build static models since 40 years and enjoy it more and more.
Yes, I was the youngest owner of Al Soldatino Modellismo modelling store in the heart of Milano, Italy, until 2010.

What do I do?

The answer is easy: Modelling!
I can build up models under request, from the straight from the box level, into a unique master or one-off models for private collections.
Of course, is always a pain to leave my models, but you need something for a living, don't you?


Besides the building of models, I also produce limited-run model kits of some very unique and particular items, very interesting and not present on the market (as far as I know). Those can be Resin kit or transkit, resin conversion and decals, cast by the very best artisans in Italy, to obtain that unique masterpiece in your showcase you will be proud to build and to own.